Whether you are printing up yard signs for a political campaign, as a form of advertising or for some other purpose, you need signs that are designed to last. These signs are subject to the elements and must be able to stand up to high winds, heavy precipitation and the bright sun. When you choose the corrugated plastic yard signs at 24 Hour Yard Signs, you will be able to enjoy signs that will hold up under the harshest conditions for the best possible effect. We specialize in Coroplast lawn signs, one of the top names in corrugated plastic yard signs.

A Lightweight, Durable Material
Our corrugated plastic lawn signs are made from lightweight, durable plastic sheets that feature two layers for the greatest durability. Because of everything your sign will go through while it sits in someone’s front yard or outside a business, you need Coroplast yard signs that are specially designed to showcase the message you are trying to portray without the risk of damage due to the elements. Even though this corrugated plastic is highly durable, it can be specially treated to resist the UV rays that can dull the colors used to print up the signs. In addition, our Coroplast lawn signs are resistant to corrosion so they can remain outdoors for longer periods of time.

Custom Printing
Corrugated plastic yard signs are accepting of many colors of printing so you can design the perfect sign to get your message across. No matter what the colors of your sign need to be, we can help you design the perfect sign and transfer the printing to the Coroplast yard signs. Order as many or as few as you need so you can distribute your signs and get your message across to everyone who sees the signs around the neighborhood.