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With over 35 yrs of combined printing and design experience, you can count on us to get your order right the first time. If ever we fail to live up to that promise, call us and we’ll make it right!

We pride ourselves on our growing list of repeat customers. So we invite you to try us and become one of them.

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We are one of the fastest producers of all types of signs. Whether you need campaign signs, yard signs, election signs, lawn signs, advertising signs, or political signs. We do them ALL and we do them in 24 hours. Yard Signs prints on only the best quality materials – utilizing the latest printing techniques – on high-end automatic digital and screen printing equipment.

Our art team will help get you the special custom design you deserve for your signs, you can even upload your own images to be used in the creation process, or we have hundreds of artist-created templates to choose from. We can even accept your ready-to-print artwork in many different formats.

How long do these signs last?

Signs are made of 4mil corrugated plastic board. The high quality ultra violet ink we put on these boards is weather and fade resistant. In general your signs will last 24 to 36 months provided they don’t get relocated by high winds or eaten by the lawn mower 🙂

Why add T-Shirts to my sign order?

Signs do not move. They rely on traffic to go past them. T-Shirts on the other hand are moving signs.  They will get your message into schools, malls, businesses, churches and a host of other places a sign could never go.

Will magnets blow off my vehicle?

Magnets stick to vehicles very well as long as you follow a few simple rules. First please make sure where you want to put the magnet is in fact metal.  Many vehicles today have ABS type plastic on them. Next be sure they will lay flat and not go across dips in the surface or over moldings.